[Online Education Fair Korea 2016]

by 교육원 posted Nov 07, 2016


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[Online Education Fair Korea 2016]

It is our pleasure to announce that NIIED will hold the [Online Education Fair - Korea 2016] for international students. This is the last chance to participate the fair in 2016!

i)             Name of the event: The Second Biannual Online Education Fair Korea 2016

ii)            Date:  Nov. 14 (Mon) ~ Nov. 25 (Fri), 2 weeks

iii)           Introduction of main contents

 - Promotional booth for Studying in Korea: information of studying in Korea and government scholarship programs, online consultation

- Promotional booth for Korean universities: real-time consultation, admission guideline for international students, online consultation 

iv)           Participating universities: 44 universities including Korea university

v)            How to access and participate the online education fair (Please see the attachment)

 - Visit the Study in Korea website (www.studyinkorea.go.kr) to select the online education fair link

 - Complete the registration and visit the website during the online education fair




How to register “Online Education Fair Korea 2016”

Online Education Fair Korea 2016 - How to register.docx  


1.Visit “www.studyinkorea.go.kr

2.Click “Online Education Fair Korea 2016”

3 Click “Registration” to join the Fair. For those who completed the registration, we will send detailed information about online education fair by email. 

4.During the education fair period (Nov. 14th - 25th), click “details” to join the Fair.

5.Click icons to see the details.

6.Click the icon ‘Participating universities’ to check Korean universities.

7.Click the ‘Introduction’ button to check details about the university you are interested in.

8.Click icons to check the details.


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