2009 Korean Government Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students 2008-12-24

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2009 Korean Government Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students


1. Program Objective


The objective of the Korean Government Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students is to provide international students with the opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea in order to promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between countries.


2. Study Fields and the Universities


4-year undergraduate courses which are provided by designated universities.

Students may apply only to schools where the level of tuition is similar with the average level of Korean


NIIED will select the designated universities. (Selected school information will be updated later.)


3. Academic Programs


Undergraduate degree courses for four years after successfully completing a one-year Korean Language Training.

University transferring is not allowed.(e.g. Beginning in 3rd year is not allowed.)


4. Total Candidates for Selection : 150 people

Refer to the attachment.


5. Qualifications


Prospective applicant must meet the following qualification criteria :


(1) Applicants should be a citizen of the country to which this scholarship program is offered. (including applicants


Applicants should not be a holder of Korean citizenship.

(2) Applicants should be under 25 years of age as of March 1, 2009.

(3) Have an adequate health, both physically and mentally.

Persons who are pregnant or having severe illness may not apply.

(4) Have finished or be scheduled to finish formal education of elementary, middle, high school outside of Korea as

of March 1, 2009.

(5) Possess a grade point average (G.P.A.) above 80% from the last educational institution attended or have earned

top 10% of G.P.A. among classmates.

(6) Not at any time have received a Korean government scholarship for his/her undergraduate study before.

(7) Not have enrolled in an undergraduate course in Korea before.

(8) Preferential selection for applicants who are good at Korean or English.



6. Scholarship Payment


(1) Scholarship Period

1 year of Korean language course and 4 years of undergraduate degree Course

(2) Scholarship Benefits

Airplane ticket or airfare : The grantees will receive an airplane ticket or be paid an economy class airfare of the shortest route between their country and Korea when they come to Korea, and, thereafter, when the grantees leave Korea after the completion of their study.

NIIED does not compensate fees for the domestic travel both in the grantees country and Korea.

Airfare for entry into Korea will not be provided to a grantee who already arrived and has been staying in Korea as of the confirmation date of selection of scholarship students.


Monthly Allowance : 800,000 won per month

Tuitions (an entrance fee and a registration fee) : The full entrance fee are exempted by the host institution.

The full tuition is exempted by NIIED.

Settlement Allowance : 200,000 won upon arrival

Repatriation Allowance : 100,000 won upon completion of studies

Korean Language Training Expenses : The full costs up to 1 year (NIIED pays directly to the entrusted

language training institution)

Medical Insurance: The grantees will be provided with health insurance during the period of their study program in Korea for major accidents and illnesses. (The medical fee will be reimbursed through the insurance company to the grantee after he/she pays first)

NIIED does not compensate fees for insurance of traveling to and from Korea.

Any grantee who gives up ones study during the scholarship period will not receive airfare and allowance for repatriation except for the cases approved by NIIED such as severance of diplomatic relations, war or other natural disasters.

Any grantee who quits the program in 3 months after ones entrance into Korea, should refund all scholarship fees(The airfare of arriving Korea, settlement allowance, monthly allowance, Korean language training expenses, etc.).



7. Cancellation or temporary suspension of Scholarship


(1) If a grantee is found engaged in any of the following activities during ones stay in Korea, his/her scholarship

will be suspended and then will be disqualified from a grantee position.

When any documents of the scholarship application has been found false.

When the grantee is punished by the university or involved in any form of political activity.

When the grantee has violated the written pledge which he/she has given to NIIED.

When the grantee has violated the guidelines and regulations set by NIIED.


When the grantee has been cautioned more than 2 times due to an unexcused absence or a prolonged absence from the Korean language training or the temporary departure without permission or notification

When the grantee has not earned at least 2/3 of the registered credit courses of the semester.

When the grantee has not submitted a request for re-enrollment to the university and not notified NIIED of re-enrollment without any proper reasons within one month after the period of temporary absence from school has ended.

When the grantee has given up ones studies.

When they refuse to study at the assigned university which is designated by NIIED after he/she finished ones Korean language course.

(2) After the grantee begins their study at undergraduate course, the grantee should obtain a proper approval from the university where he/she studies in order to exit Korea for more than 30 days. Neglecting this rule will cause their monthly allowance to be cut for the period of absence exceeding 30 days.



8. Submission of Required Documents


(1) Place of Submission:


Ambassade de Corée

Section Education

125, Rue de Grenelle

75007  Paris

Tel : 01 47 53 69 91

Fax : 01 45 51 55 92

mail : bakhtine@hotmail.com


(2) Deadline of Submission:


January 30 2009


(3) Documents to be submitted : download an attached file


One completed application form (on the prescribed form)

Two 4cm x 5cm color photos

One Copy of a high school diploma

One Copy of a high school grade transcript

Two recommendation letters (from the applicant's teacher or principle of the school, academic advisor or the

relevant chief of the organization)

One Self-introduction Essay (on the prescribed form)

One NIIED Pledge (on the prescribed form)

One Study Plan (on a prescribed form)

One personal medical assessment (on a prescribed form)

One Certificate of Health authorized by a doctor (only for those candidates who are filtered and

recommended by Korean Embassy or Consulate)

One copy of a certificate of Korean proficiency or English proficiency (only applicable to those who have,

In 2 years after he/she took the test)

The certificates of a citizenship of the applicant and ones parents if the applicant is a Korean abroad.


(4) Note

Application form and other program materials are to be filled out either in Korean or in English. Certificates, credentials, etc. issued in languages other than Korean or English must include official translation verified by a notary.

Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.

Incomplete or incorrect documents are subject to rejection by NIIED.



9. Scholarship Award Procedures


(1) The Korean Embassy or Consulate abroad makes a preliminary checking of applicants based upon the recommendations and cooperation of the government of the applicants.

(2) The Korean Embassy or Consulate abroad recommends the selected candidates to the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), along with the documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

(3) NIIED Review Committee selects the final candidates and, through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, informs the Korean Embassies in the countries concerned.

(4) If there is a vacancy by abandonment of the nominee, then the additional selection can be made among those applicants who have good academic record, concerning the demand of other countries.



10. Academic Study in Korea


(1) Korean Language Course

Duration : One year (Additional class for 6 months is available after entering the undergraduate school)

Institution : Institutions which NIIED designates for Korean language training

Note : The Bachelors degree candidates are expected to possess a good command of Korean since the language of instruction is Korean in most university classes.


(2) Admission to an Undergraduate Degree Program

Be admitted to a designated university selected by NIIED.

The grantees can apply to up to 3 schools among designated universities, then the admission will be decided by the total grade of Korean proficiency, English proficiency and each university's own evaluation.

If the grantee can not get admission to any of the 3 universities to which he/she applied, then NIIED and university will assign a school to the grantee at discretion.


(3) Graduation of Undergraduate Course

If the grantee is needed to write a final thesis, then it must be written in Korean in principle.

If the final thesis is must be written in another foreign language, then the grantee should submit a summary in Korean to NIIED.



11. Important things


(1) Entry

The grantees must arrive in Korea by March 27, 2009.

If the grantee does not enter Korea by the date stated above without any special reason, the scholarship

award will be canceled.


(2) Preparation for Entry

Prior to arrival, the grantees should acquire some knowledge about the Korean climate, customs, culture, etc.

Every grantee should read the Guidebook for Korean Government Scholarship -Undergraduate

Students thoroughly, which will be distributed prior to arriving in Korea. The grantee should keep it for reference while staying in Korea.

The grantee will begin to receive their monthly allowance from April 1st, 2009. Therefore, he/she is advised to bring extra money to cover their living expenses for the first month.

The grantee is required to get a visa before arriving in Korea.

Visit the Consular section of the Korean embassy or consulate in ones country of residence with the invitation letter from NIIED, after being informed of ones selection.

The grantee is strongly asked not to bring ones family to Korea in principle. However, if the grantee who is already married wants to bring his/her family, then the one can bring only his/her spouse and children. Even in this case, the grantee must not bring ones family during his/her Korean language training period. After the language period, if the grantee wishes to be accompanied by ones family, the living expenses will not be provided for family dependents and the grantee should make a proper preparations.

The grantee supposed not leave Korea during the period of Korean language training, in principle.

In special cases(e.g. funeral of ones parents, ones own wedding, treatment of illness, etc.), the grantee may leave Korea for a maximum of 2 weeks after he/she gets the permission from NIIED


Useful Websites

Korean Language Study http://www.kosnet.go.kr

Korean Universities http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr

Korean Culture http://korea.net/

The Korean Embassy abroad http://www.mofat.go.kr

Entry & Residence http://immigration.go.kr


(3) Housing :

The grantees would reside in a university dormitory.

The dormitory fee would be deducted by university out of the monthly allowance.


(4) The grantee under the auspices of the Korean Government should abide by the regulations specified by NIIED and the University.


(5) For further information, please contact :

Ambassade de Corée Section Education

125 Rue de Grenelle

75007 Paris


Tel: 01 47 53 69 77 (91)

Fax : 01 45 51 55 92

Mail : bakhtine@hotmail.com


The National Institute for International Education (NIIED)

Mailing Address : 181, Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-810, Republic of Korea

Website : http://yoohak.niied.go.kr Korean Government Scholarship Program FAQ

http://www.niied.go.kr News

Phone : +82-2-3668-1357

Fax : +82-2-743-4992

E-mail : edukor@mest.go.kr



Quota for Undergraduate Students


France: 2 persons (Including special quota for adoptees: 1 person)

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